Let's talk about BANDANAS


The bandana is an iconic accessory in the American wardrobe.


The word bandana originated from this area as well and through the Sanskrit word urdu ‘bāndhnū meaning “to bind” or “to tie” the word bandana was born.

In the 1700's, there was a textile ban in the American colonies.  As an act of defiance, Martha Washington teamed up with textile artist named John Hewson to print a special handkerchief.  The iconic bandana is a picture of George Washington on his horse, sword drawn, surrounded by cannons and waving flags.

The bandana was later printed in mass quanitites and inspired the American people as revolutionary propaganda. The bandana was seen as a political statement of the day and that was the first bandana to be apart of influencing American politics.

Over time the bandana was embraced by the American west.  It became an iconic statement to see a cowboy wearing a bandana around his neck or in his pocket to hand to a lady.

Floral Pattern

By the dawn of the 20th century, there was a proliferation of affordable bandanas for everyone.