Create a Lemon Wreath

DIY Wreath Tutorial Shopping With Lori

Green Curved Line

Have you ever wanted to create a wreath without using hot glue?  Follow this step-by-step guide for a beautiful, simple DIY wreath anyone can make!

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Light Yellow Arrow

Here's What You Need

Green Curved Line

Grapevine Wreath Form

Faux Leaf Stems

Faux Yellow Flowers

Faux White Flowers

Faux Lemon Branches

Wire Cutters

Green Floral Wire

First lay out all materials.

Arrange the faux leaf stems

Secure with the green floral wire

Next secure the faux  flowers

First the yellow faux flowers

Then the white faux flowers

The last step

Secure the faux lemon branches with the green floral wire

Great job! You now have a beautiful lemon wreath